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About Me

Nessa Amherst is a Washington, DC-area-based actress and writer whose numerous adventures have taken her throughout the DMV and beyond. 

Ms. Amherst has performed for many theatre companies and organizations within the Washington, DC metro region, including the Kennedy Center, 1st Stage, Rorschach Theatre, Transformation Theatre, JaYo Théâtre, Endangered Species theatre Project, and Globe Openstage. She also performed with companies based in New York City (National Queer Theater and Lincoln Center,  Barefoot Shakespeare Company, and Letter of Marque Theater), Chicago (A Theater in the Dark), South Carolina (Sweet Tea Shakespeare), and Massachusetts (PlayZoomers).

Originally from Chicago (actually, Northwest Indiana because no one knows where Gary, Merrillville, or Crown Point, Indiana, is), she is a 2011 graduate of the University of Missouri-Columbia with an interdisciplinary Bachelor's degree in theatre, music performance, and media studies. When Ms. Amherst isn't acting, you can find her walking in the beautiful sunshine while jamming to her favorite songs or working her magic in the kitchen, creating the best authentic British scones or four-cheese lobster mac and cheese. 

What Others Are Saying

Christine Mosere, Artistic Director, Endangered Species theatre Project
"Nessa is a very talented actor who is a director's dream. She is open to trying any suggestion while making strong acting choices from the beginning. I look forward to working with her again in the future."

Seshat Yon'shea Walker, Playwright, Producer, and Creator of CHRCH: A Black Music Story, aSHE XCHNGE LLC
"I've had the honor of collaborating and working with Nessa during my Kennedy Center Residency and most recently for my first public reading. Nessa is a gifted actor who listens well and adapts to changes very quickly and brings great ideas."

A. Lorraine Robinson, Artistic Producing Partner, Voices Festival Productions
"Nessa Amherst is a dedicated performer who puts her heart into her work.  She and her character were the spirit of our play."

John Vreeke, Freelance Director
"I met Nessa while working on a new play by Ari Roth. The play needed a strong cast in order for the piece to evolve. Nessa came on as not only the understudy to one of the principal characters, but she did all the analysis and staging work as the actress assigned to the role was not available until three weeks into the process. Nessa threw herself into the work as if it were her own. Her integrity, strength and smarts made a great impression on her cast mates, myself, and the playwright. She contributed in a major way to the writing of the play. Mostly, she's a sensitive, lovely person."

Corey Bradberry, Co-Founder and Artistic Director of A Theater in the Dark
"I had the pleasure of working with Nessa on both a workshop and production of an original audio play. Though we worked remotely, Nessa's presence 'in the room' was nevertheless a joy, whether we were analyzing character intent or discussing authentic scone recipes!"

Adam Odsess-Rubin, Founding Artistic Director of the National Queer Theater
"I cast Nessa in National Queer Theater's play The Survival at Lincoln Center, and she did incredible work. Collaborative, hardworking, and always prepared, I was consistently impressed by Nessa's abilities."

Bari Biern Sedar, Actor & Director of Interventions
"It was a pleasure working with Nessa on a recent PlayZoomers production of Interventions by Greg Lam. She bought enthusiasm and creativity to every rehearsal. I'd cast her again in a heartbeat!"

Darius A. Journigan, Private Acting Coach & Associate Director of Interventions
"Nessa was a delight to work with! Her attention to detail and openness to constructive criticism, in combination with her dedication to both her craft and personal growth, make her a full force in this industry."

Regina Renee Russell, Resident Director of Diversity & Inclusion & Director of Julia Caesar, Barefoot Shakespeare Company
"Nessa Amherst's careful thought about her character and her enthusiasm in the room to learn, experiment, and discover new things based on her research were an absolute blessing to me as a director. The way she absorbed our dramaturg's research and grounded Decius in that information without Decius becoming a cheap imitation or a caricature was so skilled and very exciting to witness in the room. Nessa is a delight to work with."

Emily Gallagher, President & Artistic Director of Barefoot Shakespeare Company
"Nessa is a consummate professional. Respectful, passionate, communicative, and kind; she's a hardworking performer who shows up and gives it her all."

Carl Randolph, Producing Artistic Director of Transformation Theatre
"Nessa is a consummate professional. Always prepared, always collaborative, always willing to play. I would welcome the opportunity to work with Nessa again and again."

Michael Russotto, Theatre Lab Teacher & Actor
"I was delighted to work with Nessa in Theatre Lab's Creating A Role production of As You Like It. She's a talented actor who is always prepared, always excited to get to work, and she makes really wonderful bold choices."

Seth Bisen-Hersh, Award-Winning Off-Broadway Composer/Lyricist & Cabaret Producer
"Nessa Amherst is one of the sweetest people I have ever met. Her positive energy and warm personality infuses everything she does."

DeAnte Massenburg, Director of It Won't Hurt Forever, Trust Me
"Working with Nessa was an amazing experience! She brought nothing but drive, positive energy and was ready to work and make any adjustments needed for her best possible performance."

Jacqueline Elisabeth, Actor & Creator of Jayo Théâtre
"Nessa is a delight to work with. She follows direction very well and is always willing to dig deeper."


"Nessa Amherst as Marigold provided nearly all of the much-needed auditory contrast, providing a kind of comic quality and strong characterization."


“...equally heartbreaking and lovely with her solo “In the Wee Small Hours of the Morning.”


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