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Hi! Hola! Bonjour! Dia duit! Guten tag! Shalom!

Wow. I'm actually doing this. I've never really done this before. I hope there aren't any rules about what should be said or what shouldn't be said because there are plenty of things that should be said without fear. I guess the first thing about my blogs is that it isn't going to be just about acting. Nope. If there's one thing my mom has stressed to me lately is how to be well-rounded. Think and do things that aren't related to acting. Like cooking, reading cozy mysteries or young adult fantasy novels, postcrossing, photograpy, traveling, history, going to church, you get the idea. I figured since I'm late to the acting business I have a little bit of experience in sharing what I've discovered and what I still need to learn about life, work, and love. Expect some revealing things. Expect things you may have heard or said before. Expect the unexpected. How often should I bring these about? These days, it could be daily or weekly. Honestly? It's anyone's guess. I know that there are things out there I wan to discuss, but all I ask is for patience. There's this little thing called life that can sometimes get in the way, and I may not get to write for some time. Well, if anyone doesn't have any questions, let's begin!

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